Our location is at the Falstaff Family Centre in Stratford, Ontario.  The focus of our classrooms is to provide a well-rounded education that inspires all children to be inquisitive and work to their individual, full potential. We aim to give Kindergarten and Grades 1 to 3 children a solid foundation for all their academic education and we hope to instill a joy for learning in them. In Grades 4 to 6 we tap into the children’s love for learning and strengthen their confidence and self esteem . We strive to ensure a smooth transition for Grade 7 & 8 students into secondary school.

“My visit to the Middle Years took me to a place that encompasses so much of what education should be.  The Middle Years provides a rich, supportive community of learners where teachers are committed to cultivate the curiosity quotient and teach children to value learning and education so they become life-long learners.  The lessons were complex, the activities were rich, the engagement was high and the children were happy.  I would love to see more students this joyously involved in their own education.”
– Aynne Johnston, Associate Professor, Dramatic Arts Education, Queen’s University at Kingston

Making the Transition to Stratford Middle Years School

Our timetable is based on a "Balanced School Day" schedule.

The school day starts at 8:30am. The first Snack break is from 10:10 till 10:20. Lunch is from 11:50 till 12:40. The afternoon break is from 2:00 to 2:10pm. School ends at 3:30pm.

The advantages of a Balanced School Day:

Literacy Program
We will have large blocks of uninterrupted time for literacy programming (reading, writing, oral and visual communication) during each school day.

"We're thrilled with Stratford Middle Years School! It is the ideal place for our son to flourish. We witness daily the radical difference in his abilities and confidence after spending time in the nurturing, exciting and stimulating environment that you provide. Thank you!"
- Grade 2 Parents

Academic Performance
Research supports a balance of learning, physical activity and nutrition throughout a school day. To maximize learning for children, the Balanced Day Schedule provides a significant block of uninterrupted teaching/learning time. We are expecting academic benefits for all our students.

Balanced Nutrition
Research indicates that children need more frequent food breaks each day. The Balanced Day will provide two times during the school day for students to eat a nutritional lunch or snack. Students who are nutritionally satisfied concentrate better and learn more effectively.

"I haven't been so excited to visit a school for years!  I so love and admire what you are doing for your students."
- Aynne Johnston, Associate Professor, Dramatic Arts Education, Queen's University at Kingston

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