We welcome both you and your child to join us as our guests for a day at our school.

View the following videos and scroll down for some key reasons why Stratford Middle Years School is special.

special_1Our Small Class Size

Stratford Middle Years follows a cross-curricular approach using a small class format with an exceptional student-to-teacher ratio never exceeding 12 to 1. The individual attention that each student receives makes a huge difference in allowing our students to reach their full potential. By keeping our total enrolment low and having the freedom to focus on each student's abilities, we are able to nurture and coach personalized learning strategies, and do so in a supportive engaging atmosphere with a unique community spirit.

Our Safe Haven

special_2We are very proud of how our students interact - not only with each other but also with people of all ages. Our school is a place of friendship and esteem, where students feel safe from bullying and negative peer pressure. Our students have daily interaction between different age groups and work closely together on academic projects and artistic initiatives. Our learning environment is caring and enriching as are the relationships between the students themselves. Our heritage school is a welcoming and safe place with a beautiful huge grassy yard and lots of space to run and play.

Our Academic Excellence

special_3By providing individual academic and personal support and attention to each student, we consistently achieve an excellent academic record, far exceeding the Ontario curriculum. Compared with other school systems, we have more daily instruction in French with bilingual teachers - including the AIM program and French drama. Unlike traditional French immersion, our math, sciences and other core subjects are taught in English which allows for full comprehension and accelerated learning. Every student's work is reviewed and graded with detailed report cards provided each term. All teachers have university degrees, experience working in Ontario public and private schools and international teaching experience. Our students are being prepared to enter high school as inspired and confident individuals - academically, emotionally and creatively. They are learning "how to learn" as a foundation for academic pursuits AND for all areas of life.

Our Drama and Visual Arts Program

special_4Nothing builds the confidence of children and youth more quickly than direct involvement in the performing arts. Our productions, at least three plays or musicals a year, are always sold-out performances and conclude with standing ovations. It is wonderful to witness our students working together as a close-knit team to successfully perform a challenging feature-length production. Without fail, the audience members forget that they are watching children in their formative years because of the authentic performance presented on stage. The milestones achieved by these students working together is due to the dedication of our gifted Director and Creative Team who work with students both as individuals and as a company of performers. Our school incorporates a large visual arts focus into the curriculum. We see an important part of our vocation as developing the innovation and creativity within each of our students. We also provide unique artistic opportunities for our students, including voice and piano lessons, which can be included during school hours. We invite professional artists regularly to visit for talks and performances, and we attend shows as a school numerous times each year.

Our Students

special_5We feel privileged to know each and every student and we are proud to have them as part of our school family. Their academic, athletic and artistic talents are quite simply amazing. Their respectful, positive attitude is evident, whether at school or during our 3-day ski trip, 3-day summer camp, trips to Toronto or to the Stratford Festival Theatre. Our students are encouraged to have a global perspective and awareness as is apparent during our weekly school discussions about world events, through our international development projects such as the fresh water well that our students sponsored for a community in Nigeria, and outreach programs including the Avon River "River Bank Restoration Project" and the Swift Bird School Program - making students aware of endangered local birds and how they can help. Watching their inquisitive natures, compassion and social awareness blossom is a constant reminder to us of why we love what we do: providing our students with the best of all worlds and helping them build their future.

Join Us

special_7We encourage you and your child to visit us at our school. We offer a complimentary day of school and welcome you both to experience what being a Stratford Middle Years student is all about. We are confident that you and your child will find that our school is truly unique and special. Please contact us by email or phone to arrange for a time and date that works best for you to visit our school.